About SWFI

Southwest French Island (SWFI) is private land on the banks of the Penobscot River in Old Town, Maine. The property is about 2 acres, and has been brought back into use by clearing brush shrubs, vines and weed trees that had accumulated over a hundred years of disuse. The process of creating a conservation easement is underway.

When the dam on the river in Old Town was removed in 2012 (for more info about the dam removal, look here) the true character of the began to emerge. After being submerged for 150 years, the river began to sing its song. People fell in love (see here) with the emergent character of the river.

SWFI is a camping area on the nascient Penobscot River Paddling Trail (more about the trail here; a map of the trail system is here). It is a convenient place to spend the night before venturing down river on the way to the ocean. At times, depending on the river flow (check here), the river can be a bit of a challenge to paddlers.

Although located in a small town, there is a private feeling about the area due to being tucked behind a natural fence of trees that surrounds the site on the land side, as well as giving a sense of openness on the river side.

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